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"A rhythmic noisy beast with something fresh at heart" - Norsk Jazzforum


"the group came with a bubbling thunder roller of sound. Whirring, squealing and stomping it rode a kind of super disco making a mark." - All About Jazz


"The theme of repetitive looped rhythms was echoed by excellent young band Drongo, who unlike their name, intelligently dissected polyrhythms between multiple guitars and keyboards, in a driving Kraut Rock-Afrobeat mashup." - Jazzwise Magazine


"Sledgehammer rhythms led into a sharp cut to an a capella sea shanty episode, then the riffing resumed, with a shuffle-drumming thrust." - London Jazz News


Drongo is a septet migrating somewhere between techno, kraut rock, and afrobeat. Centered around steady rhythms, improvisation and shifting minimalism, the music is constantly evolving, inviting the listener to progress with it. 

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