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Drongo is a bird that annoys others to get what it wants. Drongo is also Australian slang for idiot, but in this case it is an eight-piece that navigates through krautrock, disco, afrobeat, and noise rock, depending on who you ask. As many sounds as a drongo bird, but by no means as annoying. 

The band played their first ever gig at Punkt festival, September 2019. In 2020 they released three singles and played a small handful of livestream gigs, one watched by 15000 people.
2021 saw the release of their debut album “1” to raving reviews, and a mini tour across Norway in the small time it was allowed.

“2” was released on March 11, 2022, and it shows their dancier side, inspired by snow-covered plains, space disco, and winter darkness.

… first and foremost, this is terrific fusion with momentum like ten wild horses. Possibly eight, in Drongo's case - who has listened to kraut, been to the disco and treats the instruments to the listener's ecstatic delight. It's contagious. I'm dancing. -, on “Padde” 

"Padde" is finally proof that rugged, poikilothermic vertebrates are the coolest thing there is. And that the number of listeners on Spotify is sometimes inversely proportional to quality. -, on “Padde”

As an indie music writer for over 11 years (nearly every day) I do come across artists, songs that (respectfully) make me want to fucking pierce my eardrums out with pencils. Drongo is the utter, complete opposite of that. They take you on surprising journeys, ones that feel less traveled. - American Pancake, on “Slange”

An impressive creation and an obligatory listening experience. - Disharmoni, on “1”

Without spilling too many beans, the highlight of this record is the group’s seamless unity as a songwriting force. Each instrument weaves wonderfully into one another, creating a changing sonic landscape that continues to surprise and amaze.
Drongo have made a statement with this debut, and I can only imagine that this band would be incredible to see live. - The New Englander, on “1”

It’s an exhilarating amalgamation that makes for one of the most exciting debut records I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. (...) This is an essential experience. I’m already craving more. Drongo have delivered one of the most satisfying and unique albums of the year.  - Audioxide, on “1”

With the album 1, Drongo emphasizes that good full-lengths and instrumental music are still important in Norway in 2021. - Under Dusken, on “1”

Drongo is Auver Gaaren, Øystein Heide Aadland, Eirik Ask, Tov Espelid, Nicolai Gill Johannessen, Håkon Sakseide, Kristoffer Tokle, Hans Uhre

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