A Drongo is a bird that imitates and manipulates other animals to get what it wants. Drongo the eight-piece is playing super disco, krautrock, afrobeat, or noise rock, depending on who you ask.

Debut album "1" out now

Their superb debut album, 1, navigates through krautrock, disco, and afrobeat, whilst also incorporating elements of electronica and noise. It’s an exhilarating amalgamation that makes for one of the most exciting debut records I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. - Audioxide.com

Without spilling too many beans, the highlight of this record is the group’s seamless unity as a songwriting force. 
Drongo have made a statement with this debut, and I can only imagine that this band would be incredible to see live.
- The New Englander

For a first album, it's a real success. A good big slap in the face. Very highly recommended. - SilenceAndSound

one of the decided highlights of the festival.
- ax-3.no, at Sørveiv 2020

A rhythmic noisy beast with something fresh at heart.
- Norsk Jazzforum, at Punkt festival 2019
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