A Drongo is a bird that imitates and manipulates other animals to get what it wants. Drongo the eight-piece is playing super disco, krautrock, afrobeat, or noise rock, depending on who you ask.


Debut album "1" out April 16! ​


All songs written and produced by Drongo
Recorded by Nikolai Vikene, live in a small basement apartment
Mixed by Hans Uhre
Mastered by Karl Klaseie
Animal paintings by Frode Holgersen

Special thanks to Jo Abusland and Simen Løvgren for helping us.

Drongo is Auver Gaaren, Eirik Ask, Øystein Heide Aadland, Tov Espelid, Nicolai Gill Johannesen, Håkon Sakseide, Kristoffer Tokle, Hans Uhre. 

«the group came with a bubbling thunder roller of sound. Whirring, squealing and stomping it rode a kind of super disco making a mark.» 

- All About Jazz, at Punkt festival 2019


«one of the decided highlights of the festival.»

- ax-3.no, at Sørveiv 2020


«A rhythmic noisy beast with something fresh at heart.»

- Norsk Jazzforum, at Punkt festival 2019

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